What we do

ExQor has developed a unique regenerative biologic. The regenerative biologic induces the formation of new neurons. ExQor's regenerative biologic also causes vital connections to form between the new neurons.

With successful preclinical studies behind it, ExQor is preparing for its first IND application to the FDA. It will be for treating cognitive impairments that are consequences of Alzheimer’s disease. ExQor applications to FDA for treating more indications with its regenerative biologic will follow.

ExQor is also considering implementing a cost +15% pricing program for its regenerative  biologic upon FDA allowance to treat cognitive consequences of Alzheimer’s.


Regenerating and Reconnecting the Brain

ExQor's regenerative biologic does not deal with root causes of a neurodegenerative disorder; rather, it treats its adverse consequences, and thereby restores brain to normal functioning..

Treatments for multiple CNS indications are therefore possible using ExQor's regenerative biologic.

ExQor has multiple allowed patents and patents pending.




ExQor's regenerative biologic has been shown in preclinical studies to be applicable for treating and preventing cognitive deficits in early stages of Alzheimer’s, as well as providing neuroprotective effects; treating cognitive deficits caused by persistent viral infection in brain (HIV); and treating METH addiction and neurodegeneration. Treating depression with ExQor's regenerative biologic has been shown to be another application candidate.

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