What we do

ExQor's CNS platform is able to target specific regions in the brain with large molecule drugs that solve unmet medical needs.

ExQor’s multi-patented CNS drug platform non-invasively crosses an intact blood brain barrier.  The blood brain barrier protects the brain. But the same barrier also prevents almost all drug treatments from gaining access to the brain

The barrier thus severely limits the creation and delivery of drugs to treat CNS diseases and disorders. The use of large molecule biologics is essentially barred. 


ExQor's bio-nanotechnology platform non-invasively delivers large molecule biologics to the brain and in therapeutically effective amounts. Among them are antibodies, growth factors, and other types of large molecule agents.




ExQor's ability to deliver biologics to brain opens up new approaches to treating CNS disorders that so far have been intractable. Our current pipeline includes treatments for:


HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND)

METH addiction

Long Haul COVID

ExQor's Alzheimer's biologic will also be used to prevent and treat the effects of Long Haul COVID, such as long-term cognitive deficits and CNS-induced hypoxia.


An outcome of ExQor's CNS drug development is an ability to regenerate brain tissue and restore cognitive function. This knowhow will be applied to reverse normal aging in the brain.




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