The biotechnology used in ExQor's drug platform is an outcome of the specialized experience of the company founders, which is unique in the industry.

The founders hold patents in quantum computing and also intelligent bio-nanolasers. They also developed unique cognitive systems (not the same as AI, and also more capable). They also developed software tools and platforms for enabling high performance, network parallel computing across local and global systems.

Following from its singular expertise ExQor will next be developing a unique AI software platform called Xenqai. One application of Xenqai is AI assisted healthcare for improved patient treatment and medical outcomes with ExQor therapeutics.

Cloud-based or fully distributed across networks Xenqai can bring manifold benefits to patients and healthcare providers alike that use ExQor therapeutics.



The Xenqai AI platform can be used to optimize each patient's treatment for Alzheimer's with ExQor therapeutics, as well as with ExQor therapeutics for other neurodegenerative disorders. A Xenqai AI-enhanced treatment plan with ExQor therapeutics can provide highly personalized healthcare to fulfill each patient's unique medical needs.

Another treatment example is the Xenqai AI platform and ExQor's MRI diagnostic agents, which used together can provide AI-enhanced medical analysis services for improved and timely diagnosis of CNS disorders.

For outpatient treatment the Xenqai AI platform also can be used to remotely and intelligently monitor a patient's daily, weekly, or monthly medical condition, thereby monitoring ExQor drug compliance as well as suggesting dosing adjustments. This outpatient treatment service can also provide other health maintenance guidance to the patient, as well as automatically issue patient medical alerts to the healthcare provider.



The Xenqai AI platform also can intelligently analyze and fuse together disparate data generated by clinical and patient use of ExQor's therapeutic and diagnostic agents. The result can be an automated, up to date, holistic picture at point of care. This data fusion also can promote best use practices for maximizing effectiveness of a healthcare provider's resources.

Telemedicine also can benefit via the Xenqai AI platform providing automated assists that intelligently guide a remote consult for improved patient outcomes with ExQor therapeutics, as well as provide increased productivity of the patient's healthcare giver.

Altogether, the Xenqai AI platform and ExQor's innovative therapeutics, diagnostics and medical services can provide healthcare providers with a comprehensive, time and cost effective approach for treating neurodegenerative diseases and other CNS disorders.