platform technology

ExQor is a 21st century biotech company with a clear development road map and a powerful platform for delivering innovative products and services to diagnose, treat, and enhance the CNS.

The platform’s components can all be non-invasively delivered and used in the CNS. The engine powering ExQor's CNS platform is a green, non-toxic, and non-invasive bio-nanotechnology capable of extracellular and intracellular operation.

A 21st century CNS biotech must be multidisciplinary.


        1. ExQor’s patents, IP, and knowhow comprise four key technology areas:

        2. Biotechnology
        3. Information Technology
        4. Cognitive technology

Used individually, each of ExQor's technology component enables powerful new CNS healthcare solutions. Fully integrated, ExQor enables a multi-function CNS platform that matches the rapid pace of the 21st century.

ExQor's NBIC platform is a 21st century technology that opens up a new world of CNS healthcare solutions, such as intelligent CNS diagnostics and therapeutics, enhanced sensory capabilities, enhanced human intelligence, and intelligent prosthetics and devices that seamlessly integrate your CNS with the external world, to name some.


  • MetaQor can real time process and instantly integrate diverse types of CNS data and functions such as extracellular, intracellular, genetic, mental, environmental, sensory, and motoric data and functions.