What we do

ExQor’s drug platform crosses the blood brain barrier.  The blood brain barrier protects the brain. But the same barrier also prevents almost all drug treatments from gaining access to the brain

The barrier thus severely limits the creation and delivery of drugs to treat CNS diseases and disorders. The use of large molecule biologics is essentially barred. 

ExQor is using a new type of bio-nanotechnology platform that solves the problem of small molecule and large molecule delivery to the CNS. It has multiple patents allowed and pending.

ExQor's CNS platform is able to target specific regions in the brain with new types of drugs that solve unmet medical needs.

ExQor's CNS platform also could be used to reverse the normal process of aging in the brain


ExQor's new bio-nanotechnology platform can non-invasively deliver large molecule biologics to the brain.

This is a major accomplishment. It opens the door to powerful new therapies to treat the CNS.

Our Results

ExQor's drug development pipeline currently includes these treatments:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • ExQor’s preclinical results of a delivered biologic have shown significant success in treating Alzheimer’s Disease. Currently, there are no effective treatments for Alzheimer’s. ExQor’s new biologic also could prevent the onset of this terrible disease.

  • Brain Infections
  • In another instance, ExQor’s preclinical results have shown that delivery of a certain type of biologic can treat the ravages of infections in the brain.

  • Drug Addiction
  • ExQor’s preclinical results have shown that its new drug platform plus a biologic also can treat addiction. ExQor's unique solution also can reverse addiction damage to the brain. There are no effective drugs for treating addiction.

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