What we do

ExQor is developing a range of CNS healthcare solutions.

ExQor is using its multi-patented bio-nanotechnology to develop a new type of treatment for Alzheimer's disease and that could be efficaciously used at any stage of the disease, including years before symptoms develop.

A second drug being developed is for drug addiction.

The two developments are funded by US National Institutes of Health.

ExQor is also developing a drug to treat HER2 positive brain metastases through non-invasive delivery of trastuzumab or a biosimilar. The work is being done in cooperation with the US National Institutes of Health.



  1. Transport of antibodies, growth factors, other large molecules

  2. Non-invasive entry into CNS.

  3. Crosses cell membranes.

  4. Range of controllable nano-sizes.

  5. Stable in Serum.

  6. Non-toxic

    1. Non-immunogenic.

  7. Robust platform

Why we are unique

Up to 300 times more effective in delivery of large molecule drugs to central nervous system (CNS) than any other drug delivery method, including invasive methods.

Simultaneous transport to CNS of multiple types of large and small molecule cargo.

Natively capable of non-invasively transporting different types of large or small molecule drugs across intact blood brain barrier

Delivering drugs to CNS in efficacious concentrations and that reduce adverse side effects.